Pinaacle have developed after an extensive research a software Robot. Robot is named as 'RIA'. RIA stands for Robotics for Intelligent Automation. As name refers, it is meant for automation of business processes including the reporting for Hospital Information System. RIA can perform complex business calculations including a massive database research, process the data, summarize, calculate and derive output in fraction of a second

RIA can be operated on simple voice commands and output also is available on voice.

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Smart EMR

Doctors can access the EMR module and can store the entire patient medical history along with the prescriptions electronically.

24x7 Support

Our support team is available 24x7 to assist the hospitals incase of any help required for live installations.

Available on Cloud

MedStar can be deployed on a cloud instantly and data can be accessed by the users seamlessly with out any geographical limitations.

Patient Care

With MedStar, you can achieve the highest patent care with feedback driven quality system. Data can be analysed easily.