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Medstar HIS is an comprehensive Hospital Information & Management System, which can integrate all the HIS systems, processes and machine to an intelligent information system to derrive operational efficiency and assists hospital in decision making process through MIS and Analytics.

Pinaacle Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a pioneer in technology and consulting for small, medium and enterprises for their business transformation. Pinaacle brings a trust in working with customers worldwide and have an established team of experts from various industries across the globe. Solutions varies from industry to industry and is highly customised and optimised for modern complicated business scenarios.

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why choose MedStar

Features of MedStar are highly competitive, scalable and un-compare with any conventional HIS software’s in the market. It works seamlessly with all the mobile devices and artificial business intelligence & analytics capabilities makes it unique, while process flows are completely NABH compliant.
MedStar application interfaces are easy to use and loved by patients, doctors and every user. All information is available on a single click. Cloud features makes the info accessible any where any time..
MedStar is built on an intelligent platform with a built in Robotic assistance. Robot fetches all intelligent information and is made available for you in few nano seconds. This makes the MedStar is a unique and non-comparable with the existing softwares in the market.
MedStar is built with 100% responsiveness and Mobile Technology which makes the complete application available on all mobile devices. Patient and doctors can access the data instantly on their mobile devices on few clicks. This is another feature which makes MedStar unique..

Benefits from MedStar

Creative doctors

MedStar allows doctors to improve their efficiency using easy to use Electronic Medical Records Module. All data is available at any time.

Easy to Order and track tests

Doctor can order any Lab or Radiology order instantly and track. All the data is stored electronically and are available even after years.No need to print them..

PACS on Mobile

Built in PACS allows doctors to view the radiology images on mobile or tablet instantly.